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Områdefornyelsen Skt. Kjelds Kvarter (Urban Renewal Sankt Kjelds Kvarter) is a five-year initiative working to give a lackluster area sandwiched between harbour redevelopment to the east, ethnic diversity to the west and affluent neighbourhoods to the north and south, a social, cultural and physical lift. The School of Critical Engagement was invited into this initiative in 2010 to challenge top down city planning protocol and work as a critical and theoretically action-based operation–testing out scenarios with rotating juried international student and participant visiting residents and Copenhagen-based designers, artists and architects. We launched this operation in the summer of 2011 with a group of University of Colorado-Denver (US) graduate students and we continue with LIVING COPENHAGEN Phase 1 with a group of professionally-advanced participants that will live in the neighbourhood for 16 weeks between January to May 2012. It is our intention in this phase to work in four project themes identified by the City, continuing the international exchange while anchoring itself to the community and determining the needs and desires for a burgeoning international laboratory in Sankt Kjelds Kvarter.

Copenhagen is currently revered as an up-and-coming European capital for culture and art as they are actively seeking new forms of livability, the arts being one major component of that livability.

Copenhagen also has several missions as a municipality: to be the world’s most livable city1, to be known as one of the world’s “knowledge” cities2 as well as a creative city3. The city would like to host and retain a growing international workforce in creative city building and cultural production.

Participants will be on a working team that is anchored to defining “culture” for Sankt Kjelds Kvarter, a massive roundabout redevelopment, connections into the neighborhood and movement and small vacant squares. The City is looking for experiments on how to deal with these issues–experiments outside the confines of city planning. Participants will have workshops with WoolooSupertanker and Isabel Froes that will illustrate further ideas of how to operate. Each team is responsible for tracking their work. Teams will be reviewed in phases by Nils Norman‘s School of Walls and SpaceJan Gehl Architects and Julien de Smedt Architects to get feedback in process.

1. Cities For People
2. CPH International Knowledge City
3. European Planning Study, PDF

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