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Laura Georgescu

The project One Bike a Day will turn abandoned bikes into street art.


This project intends to bring a positive temporary state and visibility for unused bicycles, as they are a playground with unused potential. The idea is built around questions that appeared while strolling in the neighbourhood:

Are the passers-by disturbed by them or do they go unnoticed?
Why would somebody abandon his bike?
Do the owners care anymore about them?
Will they be used ever again?

The project purpose is turning one bike daily into a street art object, for a period of two weeks in April 2012. Through this gesture people are challenged to rethink their everyday spaces that tend to be uniform in Skt. Kjelds and draw attention on how such an overused resource can be transformed in a new and positive way into objects that open up the space and dialogue.

While moving within the city, there are certain elements that imprint the local perception of space. Visualising creative elements on the way back home or on the way to the grocery store, gives a feeling of playfulness and surprise. The act of transformation offers the journey the value of being interesting and the passing-by the perception of being shorter. The public spaces that are crossed everyday without much attention to detail can make its users change their perception into a new attitude towards their neighborhood and the appropriation of space.

The One Bike a Day project wishes to make at least one person a day smile.



+a stroll in the neighbourhood will identify abandoned bikes
+after selecting, they will be marked with stickers that state: “This bike will be turned into a street art object, in 5 days. If you still use it, remove this sticker. The neighbourhood (and the date)”
+the bikes that still have stickers on them in 5 days, will be transformed
+the transforming process can last from less than one hour to an entire day, leading to more or less temporary interventions
+there will exist a mapping of the abandoned bikes that were turned into street art objects

Besides being visible on the streets, the project will be showcased at the final event, on 5-6 May 2012 and handed over to the local community. There will be a book presenting each bike, released, with the map embeded. Also, there will happen participatory actions, like tours to see the bikes or bikes reinventions that can be taken by the community during that weekend.



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