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Maja Nydal and Melissa Turner

We are working closely with Mette Chang who is the social worker managing the 5-year plan for the Kollektivehuset. From the five issues in the plan we have dedicated ourselves as artists and cultural producers to focus on the problems where we would have the most to offer: the Image and the Collective of the house.

Alongside our working with Kollektivehuset we are bringing priority to the derelict 3rd spaces, which are close in proximity to the Kollectivehuset in addition to being a substantial part of the North gate of the city. We are working towards activating these specific 3rd spaces such as Hans Knudsen Plads and the Beauvais grounds through cognizance of space and place.

Through fieldwork and intentional visual production, the two methodologies we work under, we design interventions that are comprehensive and didactic in their dissemination.  Since we are rooted first in the Kollektivehuset we realize it is not enough only to make physical changes in the building if they are not grounded to the residents’ needs and wishes. Our grounding objective is to establish a platform for re-establishing the collective at Kollektivehuset, which is fed by our overall methodologies.

Two of the current events that we as Living Space are facilitating are a Planting Party within the Kollektivehuset on April 1 from 1-5pm. Which we will provide all of the necessary materials for residents to get their hands in the soil and plant some seeds that will be great additions to their balconies.

Piggy backing from the Planting Party through our management, the Kollektivehuset is hosting the first Bi-Annual Skt. Kjelds Plant Swap in the Hans Knudsen Plads.

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