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An international group of artists and architects from the School of Critical Engagement have been invited to live in the Østerbro neighborhood for sixteen-weeks of work with Områdefornyelsen Sankt Kjelds Kvarter in part with Wooloo art collective, Supertanker and Isabel Froes. From January through May, participants from Germany, Scotland, Romania, England and the United States will be living and working in Skt.Kjelds Kvarter learning of ways to connect to local citizens, living with local community members to gain insight into the area, and creating temporary public space installations.

Working with Områdefornyelsen Skt. Kjelds Kvarter, participants will be directed to address the structural and cosmetic problems facing the neighborhood, facilitating artistic and social activities for the residents in the public spaces, as well as taking advantage of already existing spaces that are currently unused. All of this activity is designed to build around the Skt. Kjeld’s roundabout and spread outwards to get the neighborhood in motion.

The participants will be hosted in different and diverse living situations for a total of 30 nights. When they are not being hosted they will be living and working together in the Kollektivhuset. Through this pilot phase, the participants will explore and test experimental practices that transcend the traditional silos of architecture, landscape architecture, public art, urban design and planning, etc.
Anna Kautenburger